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Business & Commercial Techs are experts at conference & meeting room projectors and projection screen installation. We are a home theater installation service offering security cameras, business projectors, projectors and monitors for conference rooms, churches, and businesses. We specialize in waiting room HDTV installations, as well as digital signange installations.



 As a business owner, you can make the waiting game much easier by getting professional TV installation for your lobbies and waiting rooms. This will provide your clients with an easy way to let time pass as they wait to meet with you. All your employees, customers, and guests will love it, so call us today to find out more about getting TV installation for your business.


If you are looking for projector installation services for your business or facility call We have experienced design and installation technicians ready to help with your project whether it is a basic install or a completely automated system. looks forward to working on your project.

Digital signs are helping companies and organizations communicate relevant information to their customers at the right place and time. Whether it is at the airport, restaurant or in a business, digital signs use compelling displays of video, text, and graphics to inform, educate or promote. Let help you “talk” to your customers in crystal clear display quality at a significantly low cost.

 It’s those TVs that you see in the retail store showing featured products; it’s the display in the doctor’s office providing business marketing messages; it’s the large format monitor in a company’s dining area showing employee communications information. Digital Signage Solutions from Digital Signage make your Business Marketing Promotions come alive and stay fresh .

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