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Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: Can I hang my LCD TV or Plasma television above the fireplace?


A: Yes. Contact us for more information.


Q: Is it safe to hang a LCD TV or Plasma television above my fireplace?


A: This is why we require an in home consultation-estimate. We will notinstall a TV unless it's in a safe location.


Q: Where do you provide professional installation service for large screen LCD TVs and Plasma televisions?


A. We cover a wide range of  Alabama-Georgia-Mississippi-Tennesee areas. Contact one of our installation

consultants for more information on ourinstallation coverage area.


Q: Do you provide commercial installation services?


A: Yes. We provide installations for Commercial to Small Business,Churches and government locations.


Q: How long does it take to complete the installation?


A: Most packages take 3-4 hours. Installations for Fireplaces and or Surround Sound can take longer

due to the size and the additionalinstallation requirements.


Q: How soon will someone come out to perform my installation?


A: In some instances the same day, upon availability and/or distance. Typically 24-72 hours after you schedule your installation.


Q: Will the installers set up my DVD player, VCR, and other components?


A: Every service package we provide includes setting up all the video components, but audio components vary.

Please refer to our service packages to find the one that meets your requirements.


Q: Do prices go up if I have a larger screen TV?


A: No! We price our installations based on the style of installation that you choose,

Not the size, unlike the electronic store contractors thatcharge higher prices for installation services.


Q: Are the cables needed for the installation included?


A: ABSOLUTELY!!! WE PROVIDE ALL IN WALL CABLES!! Wall mounts or anything else not specifically listed on yourinvoice is not included.


Q: Is moving the power outlet included?


A: YES! Unless otherwise stated on your invoice, we even relocate your cable feed so no need to call the cable

company or an electrician the cost of moving or installing your power or cable outlet is included.


Q: Could I be charged more than what I agree to?


A: No. In most instances you will not have to pay anything in addition to what you pay for the package.

On extremely rare occasions, customers have special requirements that are not identified in the original scope of work.
On those rare occasions, the customer will be notified and must approve any additional work that will be required and

any associated fees prior to the additional work being completed.


Q: Does the installation include the price of the Wall Mount?


A: No. Because some equipment must be purchased separately. If you need assistance finding the equipment you need,

please call 205-326-6884 our installation consultants and we will be glad to help.


Q: What if I need something done that is not in your installation service package?


A: Call our installation consultants and we will develop acustomized quote to meet your needs.


Q: Do you charge for estimates and what areas do you cover?


A: We offer FREE*  in-home Consultation/Estimates within a 50 mile radius of Downtown Birmingham,Alabama.

We also impose a $49.99 trip charge beyond the 50-100 mile mark. A $99.99 trip charge within 100-150 mile mark.

Overall we will travel to serve you. Call for calculated trip charges


Q: What if the question I'm looking for is not on this page?


A: Contact us to speak to one of our installation consultants.If you have more questions contact us Today!


*The consultation/estimate charge of $24.99 will be deducted from the installation or equipment charges, making the estimate/consultation FREE after the purchase of any installation service of your choice.

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