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Coronavirus Service Reassurance from


Public Service Announcement

Dear Entertainment Clients,

Allow to introduce you to our version of CoronaCare, for your safety and protection we have new protocols in place amid the growing threat of the Coronavirus, however we remain open to assist and serve you! Because we care.

As you know we have always provided exceptional customer service of tv installations and quality surround sound at a competitive rate & we will continue to do so!

We pride ourselves on creating the best atmosphere with our “no wires” home entertainment installations!

CDC officials has closed bars and restaurants to prohibit their capacity of public engagement and interaction. However, the CDC has not said anything about businesses that offer direct services to their clients.

With this objective in mind, has implemented rules and regulations consistent with CDC recommendations to respond to and reduce the threat of COVID-19 from spreading, such as:

  • Employees who are able to work from home, are advised to do so.

  • In-person group meetings and gatherings will be suspended or handled online request and appointments.

  • Our offices are always sanitized on a set schedule, focusing on all high-contact and high-traffic areas new illness protocols have been put into effect mandating the report of illness at the first sign of any symptom.

What we are doing in the field:

  1. Limiting physical contact – including hand shaking with clients and team members

  2. Sterilizing hands and the workspace before and after the job

  3. Adding gloves when necessary & possible

  4. Cleaned Uniforms & Trucks

  5. Asking about illness before entering the home to ensuring every additional precaution is taken, like wearing masks & gloves.

Our willingness to help never ends. We are constantly committed to serving your household, and maintaining the lowest health risk possible while doing so. If you have any concerns, we will be happy to discuss solutions with you, or reschedule your appointment.

Employees are encouraged to follow our “CARE” policy:

  • Clean hands often.

  • Avoid close contact, including hand shaking with customers and team members, also avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Reassure a safe environment by staying at home if sick or family members are sick. disinfect whenever possible

  • Ensure customer unique needs are addressed. is aware, that at this sensitive time. We are concerned about the health and stability of our customers. We are also aware of how important home entertainment is to many families much like our own. We seek to provide a safe customer friendly environment that will prepare us to face these upcoming unexpected days.

Many of you have scheduled service or installation appointments, and many more will have unforeseen home entertainment needs during the upcoming weeks. We are here and prepared to serve you and your family in a safe manner.


Team LLC


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